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4WD Modifications

Suspension Lift Kit

Supply + Fit from – $1900

A suspension lift kit is a modification done to raise the overall height of a vehicle. This allows the vehicle to obtain extra inches of ground clearance and helps accommodate larger wheels and tires. Overall, a suspension lift enhances the vehicle’s off-road performance facilitating a higher clearance of potential ground obstacles.

We offer a wide range of lift kits depending on your vehicle including;

  • Boss Air suspension
  • Airbag man
  • Billstein 4×4

diff drop

Supply + Fit from $760

A diff drop is quickly gaining popularity in the 4×4 scene, It works by physically modifying the mounting points of the diff and lowering it away from the chassis. This alteration doesn’t affect the suspension at all; the result is a closer alignment of the diffs and hubs which creates for a reduced angle of operation in the CV joints.


Supply + Fit from $550

A snorkel helps prevent dust, water and other microparticles from entering your engine; a snorkel takes in cleaner & cooler air which increases fuel efficiency while keeping your air filters clean. Buyer beware, not all snorkels are created equal, at 4WD Industries we have preferred brands that we know deliver results.

PIAK Premium bullbars

Supply + Fit from  $2350

PIAK Premium bullbars are designed with both strength and good looks in mind. PIAK bull bars are built and designed to replace the front bumper and remove the need for a bumper cut. If you are looking for a bull bar that enhances protection and maximises style look no further than the clean lines of the non-loop PAIK bull bars. Alternatively, if you prefer a bull bar that looks stylish and maximises protection, the traditional post style PIAK bull bar will be the one for you.

Redarc tOW-PRO

Supply + fit from  $740

The Redarc Tow-pro range delivers safe and effective trailer brake control systems, designed to help you feel more secure on the road. Redarc Tow-pro is an effective electric brake controller system that enhances your vehicles towing capabilities, the range is extensive with towing solutions to suit a variety of needs. 


Supply + fit from  $550

Driving lights are a must for foul weather or night driving; they support in offering visibility on impending hazards be it, stray animals or natural obstacles. By focussing light properly in front of the vehicle visibility range is increased, improving your ability to react and reducing driver fatigue. At 4WD Industries, we offer an extensive range of vehicle lighting options to suit your driving needs.

msa drawers

Supply + Fit from $3100

MSA create and manufacture some of the lightest drawe rsystems ever made, the ADR Crash test certified MSA Explorer Aluminium Drawer System boasts more storage space than its competitors. Patented with “Pro-Glide” technology, the system smoothly handles up to 250kg per pair of drawers, providing smooth opening under heavy loads as well as 100% drawer extension and access.

polaris gps

Supply + Fit from –   TBC

A GPS and Dash Camera system is an invaluable asset to your vehicle. A Polaris system can be wired up as a reverse camera system with added features of recording both front and rear. The recording capabilities of a Polaris not only assist you in driving, but it can also ease an insurance process if needed. There are many add-on features for each unit, and these systems are available for most vehicles. 

alu-cab rooftop conversions

Supply + Fit from $14,000

An Alu-cab Rooftop Conversion is the perfect addition to any Defender. The 130kg rooftop canopy turns any day time off-road vehicle into an ideal sleep spot of a night. An Alu-Cab, also allows for opportunities to be loaded up with additional accessories of awnings, recovery equipment, protective bars, lighting and electrical upgrades.

msa towing mirrors

Supply + Fit from $950

MSA 4X4’s Patented Towing Mirrors feature a single large mirror that pivots on a heavy-duty, durable extension slide. This leading design allows the mirror to be returned to its normal position when the vehicle isn’t towing, and the extension is not needed. This avoids the extended mirrors permanently protruding way off the sides allowing for an all-around better driving experience.